City of Kingsland, Georgia

City Council

Agenda ● December 11, 2017

              Regular Meeting              City Council Chamber              6:00 PM

                            107 South Lee Street - City Hall, Kingsland, GA 31548



Public Hearing - Starts at 6:00PM

1.              Public Hearing for the Retail Sale of Beer/Wine at Fred's Store #2103 Located at 925 East King Avenue, Kingsland, Georgia -



Call to Order and Welcome Guests



Invocation and Pledge to the Flag

1.              Sr. Pastor Donald Belcher, Sr., Crooked River Baptist Church -

2.              Pledge to the Flag by Girl Scout Troop 30123 -



Roll Call



              Kenneth E Smith Sr              Mayor

              Charles Grayson Day Jr.              Mayor Pro Tem

              James Ham              City Councilman

              Jim McClain              City Councilman

              Richard A. Winters              City Councilman




Consent Docket

A.              Approve the Council Minutes of the last regular Council Meeting             

1.              City Council - Regular Meeting - Nov 27, 2017 6:00 PM -

B.              Approve the Agenda as Presented             

C.              Approve the Payments of Accounts Payable as Due and Funds Available             

1.              Approval Of: Agreement to Settle Disputed Claims -




1.              Councilman James Ham and Councilman Rick Winters -

2.              Promotions: Presentation of Stripes - Police Chief Darryl Griffis

Officer Brendan Burns and Greg M. Crews have been promoted to the rank of Sergeant in the Patrol Division and will receive their Sergeant stripes. 

3.              Service Awards for City Employees -

5 Years - Mandy Sapp, Douglas Wellner, Brendan Burns, Christopher Bray, James Johnson, Andrew Woolard

10 Years - Linda O'Shaughnessy, Trish Jared, Devika Mohammed, Brian Aligood, Christopher King, Anthony McGrew, John Walker, Jr., Duane Hatzke, Kenneth Peterson, Joshua Sopha, Robbie Hairston, Janelle Kjensmo, Stephen Joiner, Paul Speich, James George, Francis Amari,  Sarah Beard, Rhonda McCurry, Christopher Bartek

15 Years - Selina Bell, Sandra Brown, Aldonia Waye, Drexel Morris, Claude Waye

25 Years - Morris Wayne Peeples




1.              Ms. Sheila McNeill, Report on Camden Partnership -



Granting Audience to the Public



Old Business



Planning and Zoning

1.              Application for Home Occupation Permit -

Melinda Acoff is requesting a Home Occupation Permit at 803 Edmond Avenue, Kingsland, Georgia for "Pitter Patter Designs" which specializes in custom craft creations, Zoning is R-1. Sales will be via local markets, fairs and telephone.  Planning Commission Recommends Approval.

2.              Application for Home Office Permit -

Mr. Brian Kimmell is requesting a Home Occupation Permit at 198 Redwood Street, Kingsland, Georgia for "Without Compare Lawn and Tree Care".  Zoning is R-3.  This is a landscaping company that has one truck and an open trailer, equipment is stored on the truck and open trailer.  The truck is parked at their residence at night.  Mr. Brian Kimmell stated that he has obtained a storage facility to store all of his equipment and the only requirement will be his wife doing paper work out of home.  Planning and Zoning accepted the change to a Home Office Permit and recommended approval with the agreement that nothing could be stored at his home.

3.              Application for Annexation for Chunlan Zhao and Woodbine Fresh Farms LLC Located at 1890 Harrietts Bluff Road, Woodbine, Georgia.  Map and Parcel 093 017C, 2.1924 Acres. -

Planning Commission Recommends Approval.

4.              Adoption Of:  Ordinance #2017-11  an Ordinance to Annex 1890 Harrietts Bluff Road -

5.              Approval Of:  Amendments to Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance -

Amendments to the city's flood damage prevention ordinance as required by 44 CFR Section 60.3(e) of the National Flood Insurance Program regulations.  Planning Commission Recommends Approval, after discussion about raising the freeboard to 3 feet, made recommendation to leave it at 1 foot.



New Business

1.              Alcohol Beverage License -

Application for the sale of retail beer/wine from Fred's Store #2103. Location 925 East King Avenue

2.              2018 Alcohol Beverage Renewals -

Renewal for 2018 Alcohol Beverage Licenses

3.              Approval Of: Employee Performance Incentives - Mayor Pro Tem Charles Grayson Day Jr.

4.              Approval Of: Principal Online Benefit Administration Agreement -

Agreement for online benefit administration between Principal Life Insurance Company and the City of Kingsland.  Fee's to be paid by Partners Benefit Group per the agreement. Staff recommends approval.

5.              Ordinance: 2017 - to Amend Water/Sewer Ordinance to Update Solid Waste Fees -

An Ordinance to amend the Water and Sewer Ordinance to Update Solid Waste Fees as approved in the FY 2017-18 Budget establishing a new rate structure.  Staff recommends approval.

6.              Resolution #2017-18: FY2016-17 Year End Budget Revisions -

Staff recommends approval.

7.              Bid Award: 36 Inch Multifunction Plotter/Printer Machine -

This item is budgeted in the Planning & Zoning department capital outlays.  Staff recommends low bid for the HP Designjet T830 from Best Buy for Business @$5,318.99.

8.              Bid Award: Firefighter Physical Examinations -

Staffs recommends low bid, Urgent Care of Coastal Georgia.

9.              Cancellation of December 25, 2017 City Council Meeting -



Mayor and Council Announcement